The Old Meadow Management Company Ltd, which we refer to as the Residents' Management Company (RMC) was established to take ownership of the external common areas (ECAs) of the estate. The ECAs include roads, gardens, street lighting, security gates, communal TV system, and the car parking spaces of the leasehold flats.

Negotiations are ongoing with the developer (Barratt David Wilson Homes) to finalise the legal transfer of ownership. It is hoped the transfer will be concluded soon.

Each household (freeholder of a town house or leaseholder of an apartment) is eligible to hold one share in the RMC.
The apartment blocks do not form part of the ECAs and therefore the RMC has no control over the upkeep and maintenance of these buildings, which are administered by the block freeholders (see below).

Board of directors
The RMC board consists of a maximum of 10 directors. The board members are elected by the members of the RMC. The board oversees the management and accountability of the appointed managing agents who in turn are responsible for the day-to-day running of the estate in matters of expenditure and in relation to the engagement of suppliers and contractors.

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is usually held in September. This meeting gives all members of the RMC the opportunity to attend, to elect directors, to table items for consideration, to vote on issues, and to meet up with fellow owners.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the RMC board please refer to the document set out under the Management Information drop down link. Board members receive no payment for their time and effort and all work is carried out on a voluntary basis.

A list of the board members and their portfolio responsibilities can be found on the Management Information drop down link Directors or on the Contact Us page.

Membership of the RMC
Every household (freehold house owner or apartment leaseholder) is eligible to become a member of the RMC. This will enable you to vote on issues and play an active part in the future of the estate. New owners should have received a document in their sales pack that outlined the structure of the RMC and provides details of how to become a member.
The RMC is a limited liability company and there is no financial burden on becoming a member.
To ensure that you (one person per household) are registered, as a member of the RMC, please contact our managing agents Managing Agents

Managing Agents - Warwick Estates (WE)
Management of the external common areas.

WE is the managing agent appointed by the RMC to look after the external areas on our behalf. Typically WE prepare and collect the service charges; maintains our accounts; and appoints and oversees the contractors for various services like the communal TV system; garden and ground maintenance and the security gates. A detailed list of what is covered by Warwick Estates can be found in the Service Charge Demand.
Copies of the Articles of Association, the TP1, details of service charges, AGM minutes and documents, Board updates and newsletters are some of the useful documents that can be viewed by property owners on the WE portal.
Please register with Warwick Estates to log your email address and to enable you to access its customer portal.

Access to the WE customer portal not only gives you access to useful information but it is where you can log issues or faults on the Ticket system.

In summary we urge all owners to:
1. Register with Warwick Estates as a member of the Residents' Management Company Ltd.
2. Register with Warwick Estates to access the customer portal.
3. Lodge your email address with Warwick Estates to receive communications by email.

Please go to Managing Agents

Managing Agents - Principle Estate Management (PEM)
Management of the apartments

While all apartment owners are eligible to become members of The RMC (one vote per property), the management of the apartment blocks themselves is under the control of the block freeholders. The block freeholders are responsible for appointing an agent to manage blocks in their ownership. Currently there are three block landlords - Severn House Ltd; Adriatic Land 3 Ltd and Abacus Land 4 Ltd. Each landlord is able to appoint a managing agent to look after its property and to set service charges. Principle Estate Management is the agent acting for Adriatic and Abacus landlords and all residents in the apartments with the exception of Severn House which remains with Warwick estates.

Please go to Managing Agents

Leaseholders who have issues with the appointed managing agent in relation to the management of their block must take up their concerns with HomeGround Management Limited, the company that represents the institutional block freeholders and who collects ground rents on behalf of these freeholders.
The RMC does have a legal mandate to collect the service charge from apartment owners to maintain the common external areas (that we collectively own) and will draw to the attention of the block landlords (or their agents) any issues that impact on the estate as a whole.

Restrictive Covenants
Covenants are designed to uphold certain standards for all residents. Housing developers, property management companies and sometimes local councils will often add restrictive covenants to a Transfer Deed in order to prevent owners from undertaking work or other practices which could impact negatively on a neighbourhood. These restrictions can be a huge benefit to residents and help to create a desired level of uniformity and maintenance. When adhered to they help to maintain the overall character, feel and design integrity of an estate. They also help to maintain and encourage good community relations by observing courtesies to one another.

The covenants attached to your property are set out in the Transfer Deed, Transfer Part 1 TP1. Owners of property will have received a copy of this during the course of the purchase of your property. A copy of the Land Registry TP1 is available TP1 or on The WE portal.

If you are a tenant similar restrictions will apply to you but these will be set out in your tenancy agreement.

Receiving information
To ensure that we cut down on postage charges and paperwork please register to have any correspondence from WE or the Board delivered by email. You will need to ensure that WE has your email address. Also check the website regularly for updates.

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