The estate's terrestrial and satellite TV system is delivered by an integrated reception system (IRS). The setup is slightly different in Montgomery House where there are individual satellite dishes. It is forbidden, under the rules governing the estate, for any individual dishes, aerials or other apparatus to be affixed to any property by a resident.

The IRS is maintained under the service charges and any issues should be reported to the managing agents in the first instance via Warwick Estates customer portal using the ticket system.

To access the ticket system you must first register with Warwick Estates to gain access to the portal. Managing Agents

Costs relating to individual problems with reception or apparatus, that are not communal issues, must be paid for by the resident.

Permission must also be sought from the managing agent before any TV provider or other tradesperson is allowed to access the equipment that distributes the TV service.

If you are new to TOM and wish to install services such SKY and SKY Q and to employ your own TV engineer you should contact our managing agents, to obtain permission for access to the equipment and for permission to carry out the works. Unauthorised works to the communal system are not allowed and any issues that arise as a result will be charged to the resident. Please contact Managing Agents