Refuse & Recycling Collection


General refuse collection and recycling collection alternate each week.

Recycling includes: Glass, tins and plastic. Paper and cardboard. Garden and food waste.

In the case of the residents of the houses collection day is Thursday - but it's advisable to put bins out on Wednesday night as collection is often early.

If you do not have a green garden/food refuse bin you may obtain one from Shropshire Council.

We ask that you put your bins back in your garage, out of sight as soon as you can to keep the estate looking smart.

In the case of the residents of the apartments please use appropriate bins in the bin store. The code for the bin store may be obtained from the previous occupier or your landlord or managing agents. Managing Agents

Do not leave rubbish or recycling on the floor of the bin stores as it will NOT be taken away by Veolia.

If the bins become full or you have large items such as big pieces of packaging, mattresses, etc. that Veolia will not take away as part of their work; it is your responsibility to take these to Shrewsbury Household Recycling Centre, Vanguard Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, SY1 3TG. The centre is open every day of the year except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

If you are interested in doorstep recycling you may be interested in The Old Meadow Green Matters The Old Meadow Matters

Thank you for your help and consideration in keeping the estate looking good and ensuring we all have a nice environment in which to live.