Thursday 1st February 2024

We have spring to look forward to ............
It will be here in a little while and it's lovely to see the daffodil bulbs that were
planted by the Friends of The Old Meadow (FoTOM) a few years ago, are
emerging again around the estate.
Tree surgery.
A report is being prepared for a programme of whatever pruning is required for some of our trees by Priestgate's professional arborist. We are at the time of year when trees are at their dormant stage and the inactivity and low temperatures are ideal for any pruning they think necessary. Any work that is carried out is purely to promote the trees' health and growth, and help also with any disease management.
Bamboo issue and replanting in the north garden.
The next phase of the herbicide spraying of the remaining areas of invasive
bamboo has unfortunately been hampered by illness and weather conditions.
This will now take place in early February, and we are assured that this will still
allow cultivation of those areas in this year's autumn/winter period. The
replanting of the areas already treated on the north, west and east sides of the
north garden, is due to begin in the next few weeks.
Flood water
The two gardens, which were designed to take any overflow from the river, did their job again recently. However, when the river recedes it does leave mud and moss on the paths. In the past residents have worked together to remove this but I'm pleased to say that the gardeners from Priestgate were able to do this for us, using power washers, and they certainly made a thorough job of it.
Moss on paths and in block paving.
There are still areas of moss around the estate that need treatment and removal
and we've been assured it will be dealt with very soon.
Gerry Smith (RMC) and David Brown (co-opted as a gardening advisor to
the RMC board).