Saturday 1st April 2023

Bending the parking rules
We are seeing more and more vehicles breaking the rules and causing a nuisance. Please park in your allotted space(s) only. If you have a visitor, make provision for them to park correctly at TOM or in the nearby car park. Or ask a neighbour or put a message on the WhatsApp group to see if there is a free space? The "No parking" bays are there for short stay trade vehicles and as passing places. You can join the community WhatsApp group by Contacting Us

Cadman gate and outstanding works
We continue to chase Warwick Estates (WE) to complete works around the estate. Please make every effort to close the Cadman pedestrian gate, although not ideal, it is easy to do by simply pushing the catch back and then releasing it into position. We are experiencing a lot of pedestrians, bikers and dog walkers using the estate as a cut through and this is resulting in increased littering and some anti-social behaviour.

Water, water everywhere
Severn Trent Water (STW) has been on site to make repairs to meter leaks in the road between Severn House and Montgomery House. These leaks seem to be an ongoing issue; so if you spot one do contact STW.

Are you a member of the RMC?
Every household has the right to become a member of the Residents' Management Company with one share per household. If you are a property owner and not signed up, please contact Long term this will ensure that we have a mechanism in place to administer the external common areas.

Email's the way forward
If you haven't signed up to have email correspondence from WE, please contact Samantha Campbell. Or log on to the WE customer portal (using your ID) where you can register preferences and also report issues.

RMC Board