Thursday 1st September 2022

We've come so far.......
We are now in the second year since our website was first published. I am pleased to report that the number of views to the site has increased compared to last year. We hope you are finding the site helpful and informative. Your comments and feedback will be welcome.

Unfortunately, I do receive emails from residents who have been disturbed by noise from neighbours. This is probably more noticeable in the summer months as we have our windows open and spend more time outside. The biggest frustrations have been late night/early morning partying/entertaining and early morning car doors slamming and engines revving.

Residents write to me as it is often difficult to raise issues with neighbours as it can cause ill feelings. As we all have to rub along and enjoy life here in harmony we accept that the occasional party or early morning car start may be accommodated but if this occurs regularly it is not really acceptable. Please consider if what you are doing may disturb others and if so to keep any disturbance to a minimum.

The three newsfeeds, In the Loop, Dig This and On the Bright Side are designed to give you regular updates (first of each month). You can read all previous newsfeeds on the News Page).

In the Loop provides updates from the Residents Management Company Board. Dig This gives news on what is happening/planned for the estate grounds also future dates when Friends of The Old Meadow meet to carry out tasks. On The Bright Side covers anything else.

Poetry in motion.....
We've been fortunate to receive contributions in recent months from our resident poet, Rex-Less, who continues to maintain their anonymity. Copies of all the poems will be posted on the website in due course. If you would like to contribute to the newsfeeds please Contact Us the web administrator, I welcome any help. I am also keen to receive any photographs of the estate and its environs.

More than one tin
Well done TOM residents. We had a great start to "More than one tin" in August. Thank you to everyone for donating to The Barnabas Centre Food bank.
A donation basket will be placed outside No1 and No3 Amber Rise on 1 September and on the first of the month until the end of the year. Items needed regularly can be found on The Barnabas website

Jean Major, Website administrator