Thursday 1st September 2022

Board report
As we regularly report, Board members continue to pursue outstanding issues with both David Wilson Homes (DWH) in relation to the hand over of the external common areas (ECAs) and with Warwick Estates in relation to works around TOM. Progress is, however, frustratingly slow with both organizations.

DWH is yet to fix the pedestrian gate at the end of Cadman. Warwick Estates should have arranged a series of works such as repairs to the Abbey Garden boundary wall and sorted the main gates failing to close. We are also in discussions with Warwick Estates in relation to the Section 20B letter it recently issued to owners and in particular the historic electricity costs that it cited.

RMC membership and estate service charges
Don't forget if you are a new house or flat owner to let Samantha Campbell of Warwick Estates know your details for the purposes of paying the annual estate service charge for the ECAs and to register your household for RMC membership Similarly, if you have sold your property it is imperative that you let Warwick Estates know of your departure and that you settle any outstanding service charge demands before the new owner takes over.

Save energy and cut costs
No one will have escaped the rise in fuel bills. To save a little gas and operate your boiler efficiently turn the central heating indicator on the boiler to the 'e' position. In very cold weather it may be necessary to turn the indicator (clockwise) towards the 'MAX' position to boost the heat in radiators. Reducing the room thermostat setting by 1c can reduce gas consumption by 10%.

A routine service is advised to maintain peak efficiency and always consult a qualified gas engineer in relation to your heating system.

Scoop it up!
Unfortunately we are still seeing dog excrement being left on the estate's roads and paths. This is unpleasant, anti-social and presents health risks. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in the correct manner.

Many thanks.
RMC Board