Monday 1st August 2022

This month a contribution from our poet that didn't know it - Rex-Less

Evil vine-weevil
"Our hedges form a boundary line but aren't always in their prime
For Evil Vine-Weevil munches away on roots and shoots to our dismay
We spray him; we squash him, even run him out of town
Just when you think you've triumphed his family gathers round
I'm hedging my bets that I am not alone in wanting Mr VW to find a new hedgerow
So, a plea to all estate agents to come and help us out
We'll even pay his removal fees and escort his family out........."

Fauna issues
"Pooh pooh, yes pooh, The Old Meadow has seen a few
Most are picked up but if you run out of luck,
Your poor shoe, oh pooh
Pee or wee, dear me, dogs and cats are running free
They do it on the grass, whether it's their first or their last
And some even legit up a tree...... "

Update on spraying of bamboo
This has been postponed due to the heat. Will let you have details of revised date as and when .
The professional company will start spraying selected areas on Friday 12 August, 2022 and a second spraying will need to be carried out in late autumn and in the winter months the 'grinding' process will take place. This will result in bare ground appearing, but have no fear, as some re-planting will be possible in the spring. This is the beginning of a phased programme that will take a few years to complete. We reiterate that we have been assured that there is no risk whatsoever to human, animal or plant life.

Meeting of FoTOM (Friends of The Old Meadow)
Please keep a look out on WhatsApp and the website for our next meeting.

Gerry Smith (RMC)