Friday 1st July 2022

Board report
As reported last month, Board members continue to pursue outstanding issues with David Wilson Homes (DWH) in relation to the hand over of the external common areas (ECAs) to property owners.

Section 20B letter from Warwick Estates
All owners (houses and flats) will have received a letter from Warwick Estates warning of a potential over spend on the ECAs for the year 2021. Issuing this letter is standard practice in the event of the managing agent having to retrospectively collect money to cover shortfalls. The Board is in discussions with Warwick Estates to clarify the account as it contains some anomalies.

RMC membership
A reminder, especially to new house and flat owners, that you are eligible to be a member of the Residents Management Company (RMC). Membership has no obligations or financial burdens, but does mean that once we are the legal owners of the ECAs each household can own a share and have voting rights on management issues. Please ensure that our property manager, Samantha Campbell of Warwick Estates is aware of your details for the purposes of paying the annual service charge for the ECAs and to register your household for RMC membership

Doggie dos and don'ts
As we mentioned last month, we are still seeing dog excrement on the estate's grounds. Please do not let your dog foul or urinate in the communal grounds, especially on the lawns where residents often sit and sunbathe. Please keep your dog on a lead while in the communal areas, including roads and paths, as not everyone appreciates the attentions of a boisterous pooch.

Many thanks.
RMC Board