Wednesday 1st June 2022

Board report
Board members continue to pursue outstanding issues with David Wilson Homes (DWH) in relation to the hand over of the external common areas to owners. There are still a number of unresolved issues in relation to the transfer of the riverside strip of land to Shropshire Council and the adoption of the estate's sewage and surface water systems is ongoing.

Cadman pedestrian gate
Board members are aware that the pedestrian gate at the end of the estate - which was changed by DWH at the request of Shropshire Council - is not fit for purpose. We are asking DWH to revisit the gate and to replace it or undertake works that will make it function properly.

A reminder that you must only park in designated bays that are associated with your property. A number of vehicles are parking over night (in particular) in the area by Network Rail and in areas marked as "No Parking". There is also some double parking happening at the end of Cadman Place. Please note that this latter area is an access for both Shropshire Council and for emergency vehicles from the Environment Agency who may have to enter the river.

Dog fouling
There have been a number of episodes of dog fouling across the estate's grounds with excrement being left in-situ. If you are a dog owner you must pick up and dispose of your dog's excrement properly and keep your dog on a lead while in the communal gardens.

Many thanks.

RMC Board