Wednesday 1st June 2022

There is still more work to be done ......
Work is commencing on improvements to areas of the grounds and gardens with general tidying up and progressing our plans to replace plants in some areas. Chris and Matt of Limetree, our gardening contractors, have a lot of routine tasks as well as future projects taking up their time, so please do not approach them directly with requests or suggestions for the grounds or gardens. As Warwick Estates manage our external common areas, please contact them using the login ticket system: or telephone their offices on: 01279 626616. Otherwise, contact us via the website Contact Us

We are pleased that Chris and Matt will be helped in the future by David Brown, a resident with extensive gardening experience, who has recently been co-opted to the Board in an advisory capacity. This is in partnership with Pippa Willcox, a local horticulturalist, who will be on hand when needed. Besides the consideration of the costs of plants, we also must take into account using 'hardy' species in the communal gardens that can be flooded a couple of times a year. The grounds and gardens give us all green space for our benefit and enjoyment.

We've already mentioned the maintenance we are undertaking to manage some areas of bamboo in the north garden, and lesser so in the south. These areas will be dealt with in a phased approach and consideration given to areas causing us particular concern because of the plant's invasive nature. The professional company instructed to carry out the work will start in late June/early July. This is going to involve spraying areas of bamboo, but we are assured that there is no risk whatsoever to human, animal or plant life. As we have stated previously there is no intention to remove all the bamboo completely, but concentrate on areas that abut pathways, where it can cause damage, and break down some of the larger areas of bamboo to give other plants a chance to thrive. We'll keep you updated.

Last week a couple of the Friends of the Old Meadow tidied up and replanted the large pots behind Montgomery House and along the entry road; this is very much appreciated as it adds a splash of colour.

Gerry Smith (RMC)