Friday 1st October 2021

Shoe fetish: Is it a cat, is it a fox, is it a dog or Prince Charming looking for his Cinderella?

We have an interesting phenomenon in the south garden. The case of the misplaced shoes.
A number of shoes, which have been left outside back doors by residents, have gone missing and later turned up in the communal gardens or in neighbours' gardens.
So far a slipper, a child's boot and a gardening clog have all gone AWOL but been retrieved away from their home.
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Leaping salmon:

This month if you take a walk along the river to the weir you may be able to see the salmon leaping on their long journey home.
After hatching salmon spend a few years in the gravel beds of fresh water streams. They then make their way into open water of the Atlantic in order to feed for a number of years. To complete the cycle they return upstream to where they were born to spawn.
There are fish passes that make it easier for them but some still try and leap the weir.

For interest,

October is represented by the bright orange calendula flower -known more commonly as the marigold - and the birthstones of opal and tourmaline. Autumn leaves bring a colourful display and the month is rounded off with All Hallows' Day or Halloween. Apparently it is also Pizza month, which is a new one on us.

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