*IN THE LOOP June 2021*

IN THE LOOP June 2021

Tuesday 1st June 2021

Transfer of the External Common Areas
There is no significant news this month but please be assured that the members of the RMC Board continue to press Barratt David Wilson Homes (BDWH) for a resolution of the transfer of the ECAs (External Common Areas) to RMC members. However, it appears likely that BDWH will have to conclude the hand over of the riverside strip of land to Shropshire Council before it can complete the transfer of the ECAs into our ownership.

Estate finances
We are also pressing Warwick Estates to ensure that the estate accounts for both 2019 and 2020 are in order and that there is a clear and accurate division of funds between the estate and the apartment blocks. This is imperative now that PEM (Principle Estate Management) is responsible for the management of the blocks belonging to Abacus and Adriatic.

Car parking strategy
Warwick Estates is yet to resolve issues with the parking company, VCS, and has therefore not progressed a parking strategy for the estate. Although the problems we have experienced with car parking have diminished somewhat, some residents continue to occupy spaces that do not belong to them; double-park - especially on the main road for extended periods - and are regularly parking in the Network Rail access area despite the very conspicuous signage. These acts will only serve to bring in a parking enforcement scheme. If you have visitors it is up to you to make provision for their vehicles by making arrangements with a neighbour to use a space or by parking off site.

Parking bays
Although PEM has taken over the management of the apartment blocks (with the exception of Severn House) the freehold of the apartment parking bays forms part of the ECAs and therefore remain in the ownership of BDWH (before transfer to the RMC occurs). This means that Warwick Estates continues to be responsible for managing these areas and their upkeep and maintenance is covered in the estate service charge fee. Leaseholders do, however, have exclusive rights to park in the bay(s) assigned to their property.

AGM for RMC members
As the lockdown restrictions are lifted we will hopefully be able to return to some form of normality after 21 June. On that basis we are planning to hold an AGM for all owners. As soon as we are able to confirm this and find a suitable venue we will let you know.

We are in discussions with Warwick Estates, who act as our company secretary, to ensure that all freehold house owners and apartment leaseholders are aware of and take up their right to be a member of the RMC. Membership involves no financial commitment but is the opportunity for each household to own a share of the ECAs, to stand as a director and to input into the management of the external common areas.

If you are in doubt about the status of your household as an RMC member please contact Michael Hurst of Warwick Estates at

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