*DIG THIS June 2021*

DIG THIS June 2021

Tuesday 1st June 2021

Ay up me ducks.

Thanks to one of our residents who sent us this photograph and said " I have just looked out my window to see five ducks resting on the lawn. This is a most unusual sight. In seven years I have never seen this here before. On the odd occasion that the river bursts its banks and the river water enters the courtyard then of course ducks come in and paddle around for a while, before departing. But on this occasion they appear to have just chosen a corner of the courtyard as a peaceful place to spend some time at rest."


Some good news - I have been advised that most of the missing plants have now been found and if all goes to plan these will be planted on Friday 4th June.

The Salix planned for the two semi-circular beds will not be available until next autumn so as previously mentioned Limetree Landscapes are going to plant these beds up with some colourful summer bedding in the next couple of weeks.

Future plans for further work on the development gardens are still under discussion with recognition of the importance of maintaining and where possible improving the planting schemes.
As always, finance is limited and we are looking into ways in which we can get as much done as possible with the available funding. In reality we anticipate the necessary work will be spread out over several years.

The recent rainfall was most welcome for the new planting areas and allowed our star Waterer David Brown some respite! Thanks again David for all your efforts.

Friends of The Old Meadow

We hope that you have noticed that the beds on the lead in to the development have been tidied and replanted with summer bedding . The tubs at the rear of Montgomery House have also been replanted and have enjoyed the recent rain. Here's hoping they all thrive and brighten up our summer.

A little request to anyone noting the flowers starting to wilt in the heat, please feel free to take out a drop of water to them, particularly to the tubs.