Poets Corner


The identity of our resident poet - Rex-Less was a well-kept secret.
It was our dear friend Greg Scott who sadly passed away in November 2022.
Greg loved life and he loved The Old Meadow, as you will gather when you read his observational poems about life on our estate.
His poems will remain on the website in memory of him.
We miss him. Rest in peace Greg.

Jean x

Copyright © Rex-Less 2022

T.o.m.m.i.e.s Call to Arms

T.o.m.m.i.e.s. are a savvy lot,
Who knew what they were doing
They saw their future open up
An investment worth pursuing

A picture perfect setting
With views of Shrewsbury town
T.o.m.m.i.e.s taking the English Bridge
From morning to sundown

A lifestyle rich in resources
Is the T.o.m.m.y central core
Supporting local business
Always going back for more

T.o.m.m.i.e.s. take an avid interest
In how their future runs
The board & Committees are volunteers
With many hurdles to overcome

(A call to arms)

Hear this call ; T.o.m.m.i.e.s young and old
Please don't hide in plain sight
Coming together will make us prosper
As a community which got it right


The Old Meadow, such a stunning place, an eclectic mix of people who obviously have good taste Once the home of Shrewsbury Football Club, with its legion of loyal fans, now dwellings with many layouts occupy this land.
Montgomery house apartments run along the eastern side, while due west lies Cadman Place, Coracle Way, and a Speakeasy in Amber Rise the Old Meadow's outstanding position with the town centre moments away, the River Severn guarding its borders, is there any reason not to stay.
Bamboo, Bamboo, I'm bamboozled how fast it grew. It came through the paths, knitted itself amongst the grass. Perhaps we should employ a Panda or two?
Bamboo, Bamboo, don't let it get a hold on you. it travels so fast, so don't stop but walk past in case it takes a shine to you Bamboo, Bamboo, we need to keep it under review. To eradicate it is hard but if we stay on our guard, it's true, we'll win through Where has our communal bin gone? I hope it doesn't stay away too long for most of the year it's happy to be here. do wonder what's gone wrong.


Why is parking such an issue, covenants are clear ; 1 or 2 in situ
Some houses now accommodate 3 , whilst at Abbey Foregate an hour's 15p

Why not do "Meet and greet" then walk back along the street
No one wants parking control, so let's make discretion our ultimate goal
Every property has its designated space,
Parking Mad expresses little grace


Pooh pooh, yes poo, The Old Meadow has seen a few
Most are picked up but if you run out of luck,
Your poor shoe, oh pooh
Pee or wee, dear me, dogs and cats are running free
They do it on the grass, whether it's their first or their last
And some even leggit up a tree


It's surprising how far sound travels, private conversations begin to unravel
Sitting in your garden having a drink, letting your neighbours know what you think
Whispering doesn't escape being heard as a breeze carries forth every word
Watering cans being filled to the brim sounds like another train roaring in.

Jollity and laughter still rule the waves, whilst having a soiree with your neighbs'
Popping corks, I've always found is "The feel-good factor" born of sound


Our hedges form a boundary line but aren't always in their prime
For Evil Vine--Weevil munches away on roots and shoots to our dismay

We spray him, we squash him, even run him out of town
Just when you think you've triumphed his family gathers round

I'm hedging my bets that I am not alone
in wanting Mr VW to find a new hedgerow
So, a plea to all estate agents to come and help us out
We'll even pay his removal fees and escort his family out


Everyone needs good neighbours
Yes I like to think so
A silent wave, a happy smile
As we go to and fro

Many an unexpected encounter
And as our eyes do meet
A warmth inside us grows
That we are welcome in the street

Keeping an eye out for each other
When holidays abound
Signing for a parcel
When the postman does his round

Occasionally a chat will hint
about how we are wired
But revealing all about ourselves
Is definitely not required

You come to realise
when they wish to be alone
Appreciating that their garden
Is an extension of their home

If, however,
A misunderstanding comes your way
Listen to these wise words
That my mother use to say

"Don't stand around with your hands akimbo
Or raise your voice when leaning out of a window
And never use sign language to heighten a gesture
Coz in this day and age the police might just arrest yah"

"Just take a breath and let the heat subside
Or turn the other cheek, perhaps go for a ride
You never know , they might just have done you a favour
As you come to understand, you too are not the perfect neighbour "

I guess the moral of this story
Or the message that it sends
Is being polite, discreet, and considerate
Is most certainly a neighbour's best friend.


There are many homes on our tiny patch of England
Most people love it; others divide opinion

They say, "The river is a threat, that privacy is a premium" but I interject
Aren't we all a tad bohemian

The exterior of our homes disguise the intimacy waiting inside
Each room a pocket of history of our personalities and our lives

Kitchens being upgraded, cabinets lining halls, soft furnishings a mass of colour,
Pictures floating on the walls

Carpets, Karndean, parquetry, garages reduced by half, housing utilities and workshops
And in some cases, beer on draft

Every home a masterpiece, a tribute to where we're from
All of us individuals shaping our Inner T.O.M.


Many a gate hangs around here
Opening and closing throughout the year

Some guard our perimeters, others our homes
Metallic, mechanical, some controlled by phones

Birds seeking food readily congregate
Their spillage oh so notable on many a handy gate

Some gates are used as clothes lines, others as stumbling blocks
Preventing our 4 footed friends claiming a rest room stop

Sliding handles release and close
Gentle or heavy handed, everyone knows

So, Burglar Bill whether you're early or you're late
Upon hearing that familiar noise we will investigate.


Each apartment plays a major role,
Indispensable to our community
Their service charge, by and large
Form part of TOM'S annuity

Some are owner occupied
Some are rented out
But the Inner TOM carries on
Irrespective of the lay-out

However, parking mad is still bad
And a constant issue
Some have pets, yes you know what's next
Whilst out walking take some tissue

Born of sound is everywhere
As you go walking by
While Mileu fills the air
When windows are opened wide

Hedges don't come into play
Nor do noisy gates
No sustenance for Evil Vine-Weevil
Or his other slimy mates

Apartmentality without doubt
Completes The Old Meadow meme
That we live in close proximity
All different but still a team.