There have occasionally been issues with littering across the estate. Often this is due to litter being blown in from outside or from the bin stores. Please be mindful and considerate when disposing of rubbish and where possible pick up and dispose of litter if you see it lying around the estate. We have placed a bin on the corner of The Old Meadow Road for you to dispose of any errant litter.

As the common areas are privately owned by the RMC we do not have the luxury of Council street cleaning which means that we all have to pay to have the pavements and roads maintained as part of our service charge. It is all the more important therefore not to drop litter, chewing gum or anything else.

Please put your cigarettes butts in the special bins provided at the back of Montgomery House or dispose of them in your own property. Please extinguish all lit cigarettes properly. We would also ask you to be mindful that any litter thrown on the ground may find its way into the drains and water courses and could poison various forms of life in the waterways.

We have a merry band of volunteers who take part in a regular litter pick. If you would like to offer a hand please contact